Our Story

Welcome to KT-Audio

The home of acoustic excellence. Our story is not just about making speakers; it's about redefining the essence of sound. With a rich heritage that includes over 3000 diverse projects and collaborations with leading global brands, we have cultivated a deep understanding of what it takes to create unparalleled audio experiences.

We believe

That to achieve greatness in audio production, one must immerse in the finest details. It's in these small, often overlooked aspects that the true art of sound engineering comes to life. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our approach to speaker design and manufacturing.

Behind every KT-Audio product

Are the visionary founders, Keynan Oz and Oshri Moshe. Their extensive experience in sound engineering and project management, covering over 3000 projects, has been vital in shaping our company's direction. They have meticulously selected manufacturing partners from the largest factories worldwide, ensuring that every KT-Audio speaker embodies our ethos of perfection.

Keynan Oz

Who crafted his first speaker at just 14 years old, has since dedicated his life to sound system design, production, and characterization for a variety of spaces and environments.

A master in product design, Keynan excels in selecting the most appropriate components and materials, ensuring that each product is not only functionally optimal but also aesthetically pleasing.

His designs are known for their precise engineering, offering a perfect blend of exceptional appearance and practicality for installations.

With experience spanning various roles - from building speakers to installing and calibrating systems - Keynan has left his mark in live performances, tours, nightclubs, theaters, bars, and more.

His comprehensive expertise and innovative approach have made him a versatile and respected figure in the sound system industry.

Oshri Moshe

With over 20 years of experience in designing complex sound systems, stands as a pillar in the audio industry. His journey has seen the successful planning and execution of thousands of projects across the nation.

His expertise is not just in handling a variety of systems and brands, but also in his profound understanding of sound direction, structural and environmental acoustics.

Known for his unique ear, Oshri excels in tuning systems to perfection based on auditory subtleties.